The Group's major use of energy continues to be the heating and lighting of buildings, powered conveyor equipment and in our vehicle fleet. The more efficient use of space combined with energy management initiatives have seen a reduction of total energy consumption in our buildings as reported above.

Energy efficiency is a material consideration when procuring vehicles, equipment or services. From energy saving lighting installation to further automation in our major Express Gifts warehouse. Our major sites all benefit from centralised control of heating and ventilation systems and are subject to regular monitoring to ensure they are operating as efficiently as possible. The Nottingham Logistics Centre recently installed a self-learning energy management system with an anticipated decrease in gas usage of 20%.

The Group Company Car Policy focuses on low carbon emission vehicles with a reduction in the CO2 limit for all new vehicles from a maximum permitted CO2 of 160 g/km to 130 g/km. This has seen a reduction in the average fleet emissions from 115 g/km in 2015/16 to 104g/km in 2016/17.