As a business mainly operating within mail order and e-commerce, the Group environmental impact is predominantly through utility consumption and our use and disposal of paper and packaging, although as a non-manufacturing company, our emissions remain relatively low.

The Group’s Scope 1 emissions from its vehicle fleet in 2016/17 were 170 tonnes of CO2 compared to 244 tonnes in 2015/16, a reduction of 30% due to a combination of a significantly reduced fleet size and a switch to lower emission vehicles on renewal of the remaining fleet. The Scope 2 emissions from its energy usage were 5,405 tonnes of CO2 which is an increase of 1.81% from 5,310 tonnes in 2015/16 - this is significantly less than the percentage year on year increase in the Group’s business volumes.

The high number of relatively low value individual despatches in our businesses continues to make it economically and environmentally efficient to use third party carriers to transport products to our customers. Prior to appointment and on a regular basis thereafter, we ask our third-party carriers to demonstrate their environmental credentials.

Each of our businesses continues to supply its customers with the information necessary to make informed environmental choices. This includes the identification in our catalogues of products made from renewable or recycled materials and the energy ratings of our white goods. Our Education division continues to increase its range of eco-friendly products which includes products made from recycled paper, Fairtrade, energy efficiency A rated appliances, environmentally friendly products and lower carbon footprint UK-sourced products.

All sites within Findel Education have ISO14001 accreditation, an internationally recognised standard for environmental management which ensures each location has a fully compliant Environmental Management System.