Our heritage.


We are immensely proud that our heritage stretches right back to the early 1800’s. Ever since then, we have supported children on their journey through education to ensure they are ready for the world beyond. We have created some iconic products along the way too, including some that you’ll probably remember from your own childhood! Our brands and products focus on every aspect of teaching and what is needed to keep schools and nurseries running every day. We take great satisfaction in knowing that if you tip a school or nursery upside down, we supply everything that falls out…


Our product journey

our heritage
our heritage

January 2023

Sustainable sourcing
We have focused on improving the product packaging of our Classmates range in 2022, with 7% of the range already improved. By 2028 we will have switched 45% of our Classmates product range for sustainable alternatives, or sustainably improved them with a focus on removing single-use plastics.

January 2021

Letters and Sounds Socks were designed to offer children a fun and hands-on way to embed phonic knowledge and practise word building. Fully aligned to the Letters and Sounds programme. Schools and EY settings have found them perfect for individual learning in continuous provision areas, both indoors and outdoors. Helping them to earn a place on our best seller list.

January 2020

Electronic Phonics is a two-time award finalist product. Developed to be a tactile and interactive phonics resource that would meet every learners needs. The unique and clever device combines technology with hands-on learning to create a multi-sensory experience without the use of a screen or app. An approach that in a modern technology focused world, stands out from the crowd.

January 2019

Hope Educations breakout star of 2019. Our award-winning coding robot E.a.R.L, was designed and developed by our in-house coding education specialists. He’s extremely popular from the UK all the way to UAE. With a whole host of resources and accessories, his aim of making coding accessible to all primary aged children is well under way.

April 2018

As the first Educational Supplier to introduce an own brand label to the market in 1998. Classmates, then known as Dudley Choice, were seen as innovative. Having been on a branding journey of many identities throughout the years, arriving at the current teal shade it is known for in 2018. The brand is used by over 16,000 schools and nurseries.

January 2016

Developed and written alongside experts in their field, the ‘How to’ range of books brought products to market, at a time when there was very little help or advice available to educational professionals, in this format. Offering support and understanding around a range of topics from SEND to classroom management, these books can be found in schools throughout the country.

Early 1990’s

Stile was launched 32 years ago as a highly motivating, self-checking teaching aid for pupils aged 4-11. Providing students with rewarding and meaningful activities to work through independently, without becoming bored or discouraged. The range covers Maths and English alongside a specialist Dyslexia edition, which is endorsed by Dyslexia Action. Stile is still extremely popular as an intervention resource today.


First developed in the 1970s by Hope Education and Bob Stone, Multilink® cubes have become the mathematics manipulative of choice for thousands of teachers worldwide. Unifix® cubes were developed around the same time and hold a place in the Guinness World Records. In 1999, 90,750 cubes were connected in 90 minutes, measuring a total of 1 mile.


Unilab, powered by Phillip Harris launched over 50 years ago. Offering a one stop destination for school’s science needs, stocking everything from glassware to a sheep’s heart and everything in between. Philip Harris can be traced back even further to 1817, when Thomas Ellis and Philip Harris began expanding their chemistry business to offer science resources to schools and colleges.